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Staying on the Programme

·         A registered candidate to the programme should maintain the studentship continually throughout the duration of the programme.

·         A candidate who fails to renew his/her registration in a year is deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn from the programme. Such a candidate may be re-instated following due application made to the Secretary General within not more than two (2) years of absence; after which the admission is deemed to have lapsed.

·         A candidate that wishes to temporarily withdraw for a period of not more than one (1) year should make a formal application and gain approval in order to retain the admission.

·         A Part II Fellowship student who has passed Part II theory examinations (final) is required to defend the project that same year or the next year. If such a student fails to successfully defend the project the subsequent year, such a candidate will be required to rewrite the theory examinations and also defend the project.

·         A candidate who wishes to defer Dissertation defence should apply one month before the examination.  

·         A candidate who has passed the Dissertation defence but failed in the final theory examination will be required to represent the Dissertation and repeat the theory examination in the subsequent year.

·         A candidate who fails to successfully defend the Dissertation will repeat the Dissertation the next year.

·         The maximum duration for Part I Fellowship is a continual period of four (4) years. The maximum duration for Part II Fellowship is a continual period of five (5) years.


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