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Aims and Objectives

  • To advance the knowledge and skills of practicing pharmacists through postgraduate education and training.

  • To advance the knowledge of the application of pharmacy in the health care system.

  • To promote research in pharmacy and to advance pharmacy practice in specialized disciplines.

  • To promote Ethical Pharmacy Practice in the region.

  • To identify and accredit institutions for professional postgraduate education and residency training.

  • To conduct examinations and award Postgraduate Fellowship, Diploma and Certificate.

  • To promote pharmaceutical care practice.

  • To promote the integration of traditional and herbal medicines into the National Health Systems.

  • To pursue Continuing Professional Development.

  • To promote and advance Public Health Pharmacy.

  • To promote harmonization of pharmacy education in the region.

  • To promote harmonization of pharmaceutical legislation and development of National Drug Policies in the region.

  • To promote Health Commodities and Drug Supply Chain Management.

  • To promote local Drug Production and Quality Assurance of Health Commodities, Drugs and Services.

  • To co-operate with other health professionals, scientists and organizations in activities that will ensure maintenance of high standard of pharmacy practice and health care delivery.

  • To collaborate with Sister Colleges and National Colleges.

  • To engage in other activities that will ensure the furtherance of the aims and objectives enumerated above.


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